Friday, October 1, 2010

Same Jewelry, New Look...

 Pictures make the difference, and better photos mean more sales...

You wouldn't want to buy something with a crappy picture, right?

Here are a few photos of items I have retaken and a few I have fixed up with oxidization, hammered texture, and polishing....

    Curl Cuff Bangle Bracelet (ON SALE!)

                              Rose Quartz Chunky Necklace

                     Blood Coral Necklace                            
   Golden Pearl Necklace

                                                                                      Pod Seed Earrings

Sterling Ridged Hoops (ON SALE!)

                                       Purpink Bracelet    

Larimer Teardrop Necklace

                                              Butterfly Pendant Necklace


  1. Those are nice photos. I'm always curious what the previous photos looked like when someone updates/fixes their photos.

  2. Ha, true, I guess I could have compared them. Trust me, these are way better. :)