Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm TIED!  Please leave a comment on this FABERUNA page saying you VOTE FOR BW*SILVER!  My Sterling Shaker Ring is in the running and I'd love to win the big fat gift card they are offering.

Plus, one of my lucky fans will recieve a beautiful piece from Sea Glass Essentials as an award for your dedication & voting for me if I win!  It's a Win-Win!

Voting goes until midnight tonight so please vote and pass it along! It's only takes a second!  


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Have A Biker-Chic Wedding

Custom made for some friends of ours who are trying the knot over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Shes a Marine, he's a former Marine and they are totally in love with their Harley's!  This biker couple is have been a great support to my jewelry making, so when it came time for wedding gifting (for one another) they each turned to me privately to make a special personalized gift.

Steampunk Style Biker Cufflinks for him...
(Made with watch gears)

As for the Bride, her man had me make a charm bracelet about a year ago, and since then I have been the only one making charms to go on that bracelet. Pretty cool idea, and very personalized each year.
This year he wanted to commemorate the charm referencing a House to symbolize their marriage, being together finally after her long deployment and finally having their own place. 

House Charm (Oxidized Sterling)

Charm Bracelet it will be attached to...

Monday, November 22, 2010

15% OFF!!!!!!!

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Affordable Customized Gifts

Christmas budgeting?  Everyone wants to give something special and nice, without the major price tag.  These vertical Legacy Pendants are the perfect gift item for any mom, plus they don't break the bank. 

Made with Argentium Sterling silver with hand stamped name or nickname.  Swarovski birthstones are attached with Argentium silver wire and add a unique touch to each pendant. 

At $18 a piece, these are a very affordable and meaningful gift idea!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Wishing my awesome and amazing husband a Happy Veteran's Day!

Words cannot express how lucky I am and how much you mean to me.  Thank you for your dedication to making this country a better place for all of us!

 Lest we forget those who have sacrificed for our freedoms.  There have been so many since the ages of war, but today I'd like to remember and honor our dear friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.

             Capt. Nicholas Bourgeois                                   Capt. Brandon Barrett

The world will never be the same without you, but it's a better place because of you.
Thank you Marines, you are truly missed!

 A Marine’s Creed:  I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness should I fail. I have seen the face of terror, felt the stinging cold of fear, and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment’s love.  But most of all I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least some day I will be able to say, I was proud of what I was and always well be …

A United States Marine!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gettin' Corky...again!

I've done it again! More stoppers with awesome antique knobs, gears, beads, wire wrapping...etc
I think they've turned out great, and I've already sold two of them on my Etsy!