Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1AM Pledge & Giveaway

 FaberUna is a huge supporter of the handmade industry.  They've helped support and spread the good word of all the handmade artists from around the globe.  If you've never heard of them before, you NEED to check it out!  If you're looking to buy handmade items, selling handmade items, or just enjoy browsing through all that is handmade, they have it all for you to see... 

In light of all the handmade and artistry word spreading, they are also having a 1AM Pledge and Giveaway for anyone who makes the pledge.  The 1AM pledge has a simple purpose behind it: to promote the idea that everyone can at least purchase one handmade item a month.

All you have to do is pledge and once we receive 1000 participants, they will randomly pic someone to win a brand new iPod Shuffle! Everyone can enter, crafters and non crafters alike.   The promo runs for 2 weeks, and you might think 1000 sign ups is a big challenge, but FaberUna had over 5100 visitors last month, with a total of over 30,000 page views!  

Whoever has the most supporting comments about their handmade craft, gets a FREE subscription to ReadyMade Magazine!  

Now...I ask the you support ME!  (as well as yourselves, I guess...kidding....)

1. Go to the homepage and make the promise & sign up. (it takes like 3 seconds!)
2. Go here and leave a note that I sent you there. (bragging & boasting is welcome)

Are YOU a handmade artisan?  You can do the same for yourself and your supporters, just tell them about the 1AM pledge by posting to your blog, Facebook, etc.

Want to be a featured handamde artist on their website?  Contact FaberUna for info.

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