Friday, December 17, 2010

More Corks Please...

Recently made more wine corks! All for sale on my Etsy!  Affordable & come ready to give!

Legacy Pendants

Wow! 9 custom Legacy Pendants! This was made for a Mom with lots of kids & grandchild...

Makes a great sentimental gift to cherish always!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Orders! Orders! Orders!

Did I mention Christmas was here...almost literally now! 10 Days! The orders have been keeping me busy, can't complain really, but it's fun and satisfying to know the sales are pouring in.  I've got some outstanding findings to make more wine corks with, and some really awesome knobs I got at Anthropologie (love that store!). 

Expect more great things, but in the mean time I am finally finished with a pair of custom designed wedding bands.  A his and hers "serendipity" style band made to represent the two hearts (or lines in this case) that become one.  I think they turned out great!

I also got the hankering for some stone setting...made this pendant with Hematite and Sterling Silver. Almost reminds me of the Mexico style jewelry we used to see when we made our yearly trip across the border...(not anymore though, too dangerous!)

I love this ring! Saw a similar technique and had to try it.  It's a moon crater inspired look, and really cool ring to wear!  (Some of the steel shot from the tumbler got lodged inside and I can;t get it out...dang!)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I didn't win the F.A.B. Award...

But it's all good, I have some really awesome and supportive fans that I can't thank enough for voting me into the final round.  It was a close race, but hey, ya can't win 'em all!  Maybe next time...

In other news I had to recently close my due to many reasons, but mainly because I got way more traffic on my Etsy!  I was lacking in sales on my personal website, and it was costing me way more money and effort than Etsy was. 

I'm sad to see it go, but we could really use the extra $ for the holiday I can put the extra saved money towards new items and supplies for you!   I think it will be ok, I didn't feel like it was as impressive as it should have been, and I'm definitely no expert when it comes to building a web page. 

Alas, it's done-ski, but I've been blowing up in sales over at so the holiday shopping & creating is in full swing in the Bw*SiLvEr studio (aka my garage). 

Recently sold about 6 wine cork in about a 2 day period, along with some custom pendants and military service medallions....

Pics of those custom orders to come soon!  But, in the mean time, enjoy some photos of our decked out Christmas tree in our new home!  Husband even put up lights, LED of course...which I think we need more of...