Monday, October 19, 2009

Successful Sale {Blog Carnival!}

Thanks to Indulgeyourshelf for hosting this weeks Blog Carnival for the Etsy Bloggers Street Team! Q: What was your most successful sales event or product, and why do you think it was?
I'd have to narrow that question down to two equally challenging, profitable and fun custom pieces. The first would have to be the Cross pendant necklace I custom made for my cousin Chris. He runs a Metalsmithing business in San Antonio, TX and wanted me to make him a custom pendant that matched his company logo. After design collaboration, we ended up with this idea and I hand cut, soldered and forged every detail.

Made form Argentium Sterling silver sheet, pendant measures 2" long on Sterling silver oxidized chain 18"
My other successor would have to be the custom arm band I handmade for a customer in Spain. She asked me to make her a large {3" x 8.5"} arm cuff she could wear on her upper arm. She wanted the three rows of studs added for design flair and for it to be adjustable. This cuff was among the largest pieces I have ever had to solder and forge. It was a challenging piece, but I was very happy with the outcome and so was my customer...

Sterling Silver sheet with Sterling studs. One monster of an arm cuff!

I'd definitely say that these two pieces were the most successful due to the time, skill and money put into them. They are the most expensive pieces I have made and the most cherished. I hope the customers who have them know that I worked especially hard to ensure they were just as please with the design and outcome as I was. They helped me build my skills as a craftswoman and I hope for more challenging pieces in the future!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mini Monday: Foxy G. Knits

As per the Etsy Bloggers Street team, today's mini Monday is featuring Foxy G. Knits!

Foxy G. Knits features hand-knit, one-of-a-kind shawls, wraps and scarves that are versatile and designed for today's woman. Her items encompass comfort and style, made for all occasions! Her technique coordinates and blends various yarn colors and textures within the same garment. Beautiful colors, patterns and fabrics with warm fuzzy appeal as well as a fashionable flair. In addition to designing and knitting all the items that appear in the store, Foxy G. also knits shawls for a local hospice.

Check out her etsy shop! Great Christmas gift ideas!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Craft Fair A'hoy!

This December 2-4th I will be selling my jewelry at the upcoming Exxon Mobil Craft Fair! It's a 3 day fair featuring handmade only goods by all Houston Exxon Mobil Club members, employees, family members or annuitants. The fair will run from 11:00-1:00 each day in the lobby/cafe' area of the Downtown Exxon Mobil Building {800 Bell St. Houston, TX 77002}

I will not be there to tend to the booth (as it will be right after my husband returns from Afghanistan!!) but my jewelry will be sold in conjunction with my mother's handmade jewelry {L.Voss Jewelry} and she will be manning all of the sales for those days. If you are in that area then PLEASE come by! You will like what you see! And you can try it on!

In the mean time...I'm busy with getting new things together for this show, and getting inventory updated....I will be featuring some extra special Holiday pricing too especially for this show. Cash & personal checks are always welcome! {sorry, no credit cards}

All items will be wrapped and ready to give, or to enjoy for yourself! I feature some of L. Voss Jewelry on my etsy website if your interested in checking it out. She has some extraordinary beaded necklaces and pendants. All made with authentic gemstones and Sterling Silver findings.

Look for my sign hanging! And get some great one of a kind Christmas gifts! Who wouldn't like that...?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hearts On Hands

Lovely lovers, darling dearests and precious people! They all have one thing in! A symbol of love best used, a heart. These custom Sterling Silver pieces were made for past customers, all with the same theme.
Someone wants to show how you are loved with a timeless reminder, what better way to have it custom made!
First heart design bracelet I ever made. Custom request by a friend who wanted to give his 7 year old daughter a heart bracelet for Valentine's Day...he ordered another one a week later for her little sister:
This cuff bracelet was made for a daughter from her loving father for her 28th Birthday:
These pieces were all made for the same person, (given over a few years) and worn as a set from a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend:

These heart related items are available for purchase right now on my website: (All under $65 + FREE shipping!)
The hearts you wear each day, sends a lover's wish your way - Anonymous

Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep 'em coming

Ooh-rah! Yut! Hoo-ah!
Thanks for supporting your service member! I have been making a lot of these custom Sterling Military Service Medallions lately, and I hope to continue to make more! At just $15 a piece, how could you pass up an opportunity to show your love?
Thanks for supporting handmade and our troops. They need every ounce of affirmation to help them succeed...bring 'em on!

Not Shown
S.R. Moylan, USMC
T.E. Tompkins, USMC
W.R. Baskin, USMC
Z. Zimmerman, USMC
J.A. Wood, USBP
B.B. Baskin, ARMY

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Cartel


Today I opened a new shop with which is similar to etsy but less emphasis on the sellings and promotions of other artists. It's mainly for your personal website selling, like you would put on a business card, not necessarily for sharing and wandering through different handmade sellers web pages.

Although, you can search for other sellers, it's just not as "accessible" as Etsy has it set up. But it's definitely a clean cut website, easy to navigate and post items. Looks great! I'm not sure of the traffic yet so I have a "free" account which only allows me to post 5 items at a time, and one photo, but if things go well, I can always upgrade to the paid one...just trying it out for now.

This website if also for people who have a band, art gallery, studio artists, and of course handmade or vintage items. Got some interesting stuff on there!

My shop URL :

We'll see what happens~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Treasures & Antique-ary

As posted previously, I found some most excellent findings from the Round Top Antique Fair just last week. The deals were plentiful, and the items were awesome! I have a few items not in photos as I couldn't bring all of it back with me on the plane {darn!} but, I have many things to decorate with and start new designs...I smell a project...

Large foreign tokens...I'm thinking a bracelet with these?!
Various Military buttons...I'm considering a charm style bracelet with all of these attached...
Antique German pillow sham hand embroidered: "Homeland Bells Ring Out In The Green Valley"
Porcelain glove mold and Latex glove molds for necklace displays
Also, a WWII locket with an eagle crest and mother of pearl
Barbara found this $10 shelf and I couldn't resist...great for displaying!
Also, a few Plinth blocks I picked up for home decor
Antique Tea Towels, and they happened to have my initials! It was a must have!

My mannequin torso lady, all she needs is a fresh paint job and some necklaces!
The coveted boots I so longed for! After many days of questing!
{Left} 1960's handmade custom boots
{Right} Snakeskin & leather...$20 steal!!

A mesh of beads from a bead dealer - FW Pearl, Pink Coral, Turquoise, Quartz & more...

As you can see...I have a few projects up my sleeve and some neat items to get my house looking Antique-y and rustic. Visit my Dad & Barbara's blog about their findings and Round Top experience at JunkyardRabbits

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Round Top, Warrenton...and More-nton

A Texas trip fit for the antiquey-est of antiquers and the crafty-est of crafters! If you've never been to the bi-annual Antique Fair of must go! It's known as "Round Top" after the city it originated in, and has spread across the hill country of central the middle of Austin-Dallas-Houston triangle. Vendors and dealers of all ages form all over the country (and globe) bring all their findings, art, junk, antiques, collectibles, and more to the Texas countryside for a 10 day long show of just about anything you can imagine! Literally!

Workin the Warrenton Fields
Creepy dolls heads...seriously you never know what you'll see
Deer Bottle Tree...$85, don't you need one of these?
Enjoying someones attempt to attract people into their booth...too bad we just used them for their "head cut-out" for a photo op!

I went with my Dad and Barbara, and luckily they have a house nearby in New Ulm, TX, so it was only a 20 minute ride to get our daily fix of milling through other people's stuff....and "dead" people's stuff too. We found some great deals, and some not so way overpriced furniture, boots, jars, collectibles...but then there were DEFINITELY deals to be had. We learned who would cut you a deal based on their booth, their looks, and their was kind of tricky, but we managed to get some great prices and met some interesting folks.

Dad's place in New Ulm, TX

Some Random Stuff...

Boot Quest!

We mainly were in Warrenton, TX which is about 3 miles or less form the main Round Top, then hit other small towns too like Marburger, Carmine, Fayetville and La Bahia, TX. Needless to say we shopped ourselves to death, and spent a good chunk of change. I found some pretty cool findings for home decor, beads for jewelry making, and and mannequin torso for jewelry display! Plus, after many days of questing for the perfect boots, I finally found the most excellent pair! Vintage 1960's custom hand made boots! And then later on, found another pair...for a deal I couldn't refuse...$20! It was the steal-deal of the century!...for snakeskin & leather boots!

I recommend going to the Spring 2010 show. (it's usually around end of March - early April) For tons of info about the shows, dealers, maps, places to stay, food, and fun, go to to get all the deets! Don't miss out! I will definitely be going back again!

**A post of my found items will gets crowded when I put too many pics on one blog posting!**

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Page Feature

I've been informed that I am the FEATURED ARTIST on the home page of the House of Gems web site! Click here to view, then click my photo to read about my jewelry...and show some love!

Thanks to all who've posted your encouraging comments...couldn't be where I am today without you! <3