Monday, June 28, 2010!!?!!?!

It's true!

A "handmade" Bw*SiLvEr website is in the works! I'm muy excited!

Still working on it of course, but a post will happen once it's complete and up in the interweb. I am doing it all myself so it's taking a bit longer than expected...this code stuff is kinda tricky...but never the less, it will be great and I hope you customers like it.

I love etsy, but I felt it was time to branch away and be my own craftsman with more personalization, info about me, custom orders, cleaning supplies, jewelry ideas, web specials, promos and more! Sounds good, right? I'd love suggestions and feedback on it when it's up, I want to make it easy to use and pleasing to look around on. Let me make it easy to order custom & handmade jewelry!

Another note, I WILL be accepting credit cards & paypal on the new website! Woohoo! So, if you do not have a paypal account, you can just key in your card info and be on your way! You will be able to create a Bw*SiLvEr account to sing in/out and purchase things, or's up to you. The site will be secured and encrypted so not to worry about your info getting stolen or hacked! I'm using only the best services for the purchasing process to be secured and easy!

And for all of you previous Bw*SiLvEr on the look out for a Summer PROMO COUPON in the mail! No purchase big or small, custom or not, you WILL be getting a special "website launching/customer appriciation/because you like jewelry" card in the mail soon!! I think you will like what you see...

As always, the will remain up, but I am ENCOURAGING future purchases and custom orders on my new site...
(that feels good to type!)

More soon ---Now, back to the website!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fianlly in TEXAS!

We're home!!! Back in the Lone Star State! We moved into our new place on June 1st, and we are closing on our house on Monday! Super excited about that! I'm currently working on setting up my shop again, my wonderful husband made me a custom sized worktable to fit in a 'L" shaped nook in our garage. So I have an awesome new table to work on, and it's got custom shelves! YAY!

I'm hoping to get a few things started by Monday, and I have two orders to work on from some awesome customers so far! Gotta love summer time, it's when I get a good wave of business.

I have also signed up to be a seller at The Peddler Show, they have we wait listed as of now since they have lots of jewelry vendors (they don't want to crowd their shows with jewelry) but it's an organization that travels around Texas to different cities (large and small) to sell/show artists' handmade items! I'm kinda excited about this...even if I am on the waiting list for different cities. Hopefully it will turn out to be a good thing...if so, I will probably be showing in Lubbock, Amarillo, Arlington, and New Braunfels, TX...we'll see about the others...