Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pourfect Gift!

Sometimes it's hard to know a person's taste in jewelry, unless you know them really well.  But for those distant family members, the semi-friendly co-workers or old friends that you just don't see unless you are home for the holidays who still manage to give you think...Yikes!, what in the world do I give them?   

Well fear not, I have the solution...Bw*SiLvEr handmade Wine Stoppers! They are great for functionality or just as decoration (they don't have to be wine-o's to like a cool wine stopper) 

  Each is made with it's own unique-ness, featuring cool wire wrapping, authentic beads and stones, antique drawer pulls, door knobs, and some coming soon made our of old clock parts and gear cranks (has a great rustic feel).   

The possibilities run wild, and the best part is they are handmade, from the heart, ready to give and simple yet tasteful gift idea. 

I only have a few listed so far on my Etsy just to see how they do.  They are VERY AFFORDABLE and comes in a cool handmade paper mache box with a cut out "window" for easy gifting. 

Think of:  Mom, Grandma, Great Aunt Gurtie, Lisa the Accounting Clerk, your favorite Secretary, long time friends Joe & Janet Smith, Step-Family Members or your friendly neighbors....DONE!  Easy & cheap - yet refined!


...I'm still rummaging antique stores, garage sales and etsy to find more vintage hardware and cool stones to make my next ones...

Please comment!  Anyone in particular you like?


  1. My favourite is the one above, on the left, with the coloured stones. So pretty. What a great gift!

  2. Great wine stoppers. A wonderful gift. I'm giving beaded wine toppers for gifts. A different sort of closure for while you are drinking wine.

    Take a look at one

  3. Great gift idea! I love the beaded ones...