Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Getting New Stones

Got some HOT new cab stones from an awesome gemstone website called (bases out of San Antonio, TX) where they are almost giving away beautiful precious stones for all your jewelry making needs!

Most of the stones on the website are Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, and even some fancy cut Diamonds and Aquamarine stones.  Once I emailed the owner about an order, she started showing me even more stones they didn't have posted on their site. I found interest in the more natural looking stones, and got all of these stones for an exceptionally great deal! 

You should definitely check them out if you are in the market for some cheap gemstones for your craft.  The place is closing their shop so they are egar to sell their stock!  Hurry and grab some, they sell out quick!

                        Turquoise                                                  50 pc. Onyx Mixed bag
Jade, Lapis & Sardonyx



  1. HI:) I saw you on Etsy and now I am following you. Beautiful stones :)

  2. Love the turquoise stones.