Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Viva Vintage

{An Etsy Bloggers Group "Mini Monday" shout out to Laurie and her fun and unique Etsy shops!!!}

Indulge Your Shelf & Twice Shy Restored are her cute little shops that feature vintage finds she has restored, revamped and rewound to sell to today's vintage seekers! Quite the variety of cute finds from hand appliqued hankies, lace & buttones, china, antique decor, and vintage-y knick-knacks.
She uses beautiful old table cloths and lace to make cute throw pillows and card tags. Plus there is a variety of vintage findings and supplies for you to make your own restored antique treasures in her Twice Shy Restored shop

Her blog gets you up close with her findings, ideas and projects. She's also won a few awards for her work! Here are a few finds form her Indulge Your Shelf shop on Etsy...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Show Your Face

Blog Carnival post for my Etsy Bloggers: I love to know the artist behind the work. Show us a picture of yourself and talk about your work, life...whatever. Interview yourself if you like...


- ALL ABOUT BW:SILVER - (Survey Style)

Name: Brittany Wende

Nicknames?: "Britt", and formerly known as "BZ" by all my friends, but they still call me that...

Business Name: BW:SILVER

Why This name?: It's my initials, plus what I do...silver!

Business Location: Hubert, NC...but I'm a Marine wife to it's a traveling business...

Year Started: 2007

Type of Business: Custom & Handmade Jewelry

Media: Argentium Sterling, Sterling Silver, authentic gemstones, glass beads

Favorite Materials to Use: TURQUOISE STONES!

Products Sold: Chain and beaded necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, cuffs, bangles, bracelets, etc...

Inspiration: Natural objects, antique jewelry, paintings & colors, fashion magazines, individual ideals, changing seasons, art books

Target Market: Anyone who enjoys handmade jewelry!

Price Point: Moderate to Best --everything is handmade!

Employees: 0

Office/Studio Location: My garage!!

Websites: 4 - ETSY, Artfire, 1000Markets, Blog

Social Networking Sites: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn (Be My Friend!!)

------Q & A ------

Where did you learn your craft?

It was my minor in college, I took a metalsmithing class just out of curiosity, I never knew it would turn into more than a hobby. I didn't know if I could get into it at first, but after my first few lessons, I knew I was really going to like it. My great grandfather was an ornamental metalsmith that came over from Germany to the US and started his metalworking business in TX. Since then, my Grandpa and my uncles and cousins has all carried down this business, and now I do the same...just on a smaller scale. I guess it's kind of in my blood?

What makes your designs different than others?

I try to design pieces that are eye catching, unusual, and unique. I feel that jewelry should reflect someones personality. Fun, funky, bold, simplistic, clean...I'm all of those! I have many different styles I like to incorporate into each piece. It's fun to play with different techniques and try new things to see if I can come across a totally original and unique art piece and someone can have & wear. I like that my work is mainly original and one of a kind, it makes each piece that much more valuable to the person. Jewelry should be loved too, not just worn!

What are your future business plans or goals?

I hope to have a wider customer base and maybe even a shop someday I can sell my work and other handmade artists works. I value the efforts of handmade goods and artists with those skills to make someones life a little more vivacious & fun! I would also like to learn more about jewelry making and metalsmithing, an apprenticeship with a silversmith artist or advanced metalsmithing workshops would be great.

I like working with silver just as well, but I think incorporating other metals would be nice too. It will also help to broaden my consumers. No everyone likes the look of silver, and I always like to try new things! Maybe one day I can be like James Avery!

Any current specials, sales, or shows going on soon?

As of now, and always, I have FREE SHIPPING on all items over $30! And that includes Canada & overseas shipping. And in the next few weeks I will be posting a LIQUIDATION SALE of items in my Etsy shop that MUST GO! ((They are cluttering up space for new jewelry pieces to come...))

All of my items are complimentary gift wrapped, boxed and ready to enjoy or give upon receipt. I can also do custom greetings on a gift tag to include on any items purchased. I don't have any shows planned as of now, but I'm looking into a November show in Wilmington, NC. Christmas is coming....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York, New York!

Had a great time in NYC with Danielle & Claire for Labor Day weekend! Beautiful weather, excellent food and marvelous times! I was hoping for some celebrities but no such luck, I did see tons of models though, that are WAY to thin! Yikes! But it's all in "the Glamour" of the NY lifestyle I suppose. Had plenty of burgers, "dirty dogs", street pretzels and pizza to last me a lifetime, but it was all so good. We even ate at a Texas BBQ place smack in the midst of Manhattan...brisket was de-lish!

I finally got to go to Top Shop which is a London based clothing store similar to H&M, but really edgy London style and amazingly HUGE jewelry, very different, very cool. I loved it! I got an awesome Teal leather satchel purse there (as a b-day gift from James, Thanks! ;-) And I fell in love with it! Danielle got one too in black, so now we are satchel twins! It's all in a days work...Oh, the Fab-u-losity!

Lady Liberty herself, makes me proud to be an American

The gals in Central Park
Smoochin' one on Hugh Jackman!
Beautiful ladies with the beautiful crowns!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Have A Winner!

So I just found out that I placed second in the House of Gems Featured Artists contest! They are featuring the winners of the contest on the House of Gems homepage soon along with a personal photo, website and a blurb about my jewelry. I'm pretty excited!

Plus, my winnings included a $250 gift certificate toward the House of Gems website! So I will be ordering lots of new beads, findings & supplies compliments of them! (THANKS!) If you are interested in entering any of their contest in the future, they have numerous networks you can join to stay updated on them. Follow House of Gems on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkendIn, and more!

Now for the winning jewel, my "Leaf Me Be" pendant:

Antique Glass Beads, Sterling Silver

(This item was sold to my friend Danielle who lives in NYC, her fiancee bought it for her for Christmas last year. (Good one Steve!) She's the lucky owner!)


C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S to all of the other winners too! The jewelry was beautiful!

Grand Prize $500 Shopping Coupon From House Of Gems:
PQ Art Bijouxjardin

Second Prize $250 Coupon From House Of Gems:

BW Silver
Abney M

The Consolation Prize $100 Shopping Coupon From House Of Gems:

Jcool, eNVeDesigns, Lauren.gick, Aponte30, Chantrees, Sophie K.T, House 15, Kalenglin, OrganicOdysseys

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New York Here I Come!

Headed to NYC tomorrow morning with one of my friends to visit a fellow Marine wife/fiancee (they aren't married quite yet) whom lives in Manhattan! We are looking forward to the trip and I'm hoping to see some cool inspirational jewelry as well as a few celebs! ;)

I know I have been running around a lot, but it helps the time fly counting down the days until James is home! (2.5 months!) Hopefully I'll hear form him soon, it's been over a week. Our agenda will bring us to many historic sites as well as some local New Yorker places that aren't so touristy. It helps having a friend who knows the ropes...

When I went in 2003 we were pressed for time and didn't get to see everything NY had to offer, especially since the Statue of Liberty was closed after 9/11. But now, I'm SO going to see Lady Liberty! I've always wanted to know what she hides under her robe!
Pettin' the Pigeons, NYC, 2003