Thursday, July 30, 2009

Up & Running

The new addition to the BW:Silver jewelry websites is officially up and running! Now you can find my jewelry in more places...

Etsy remains to be my main web page for sales and custom orders, but I am looking into adding more items to the 1000markets website to make dual home sites!

Let's see how I do...

Etsy Customs~

Two cusotm orders this week, finally finished-but more to come soon...these two bracelet styles were made for two onf my etsy customers.
Sterling Silver Studded Cuff, 1/4" wide, 2.5" diameter

Pink & White Pearl Bangle Set
(yes, these are the same as shown below, but with a different pearl attachment style-the customer decided this look was the best!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Etsy Posts

I posted 10 new items on my Etsy website, and finished posting items to launch my 1000markets website. It's awaiting review before it become active, so tomorrow it should be up and running...the new site URL is I will be posting the same items as on etsy, but hopefully it will bring a new customer base.

In the meantime I've been busy with custom orders today, awaiting a shipment of silver form Rio Grande and working on new posts. There are more to come tomorrow so keep your refresh button handy! I took photos of a few new necklaces I am finishing and posting this week...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Just a few pictures of some custom orders I have done/am still working on...

Super large "Bohemian" dangle earrings with Turquoise stone, measured 3 1/2" long

Pink & White Pearl bangle set (x2) with pearl facing inside (this one is still in the works) Pearls sent to be by the customer.

And as of today, I am making another Infinity Toggle Bracelet for a customer...guess it's one of my popular designs...I've sold 5 this past year!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back to Work, Work, Work!

Finally, I am back in my studio to complete custom orders and to start new designs! I'm still working on the new website with 1000markets, but I will post the new link as soon as the shop is fully set up and ready to go.

In the meantime, I'm flooded with some really awesome custom orders that will challenge my skills and I will definitely put a new twist in my style. I'll be posting photos of these custom orders when I finish.

Expect good things to come...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Website Coming Soon...

I recently signed up to sell on It's another website to buy and sell all things handmade like Etsy and Artfire. This website suggestion was sent to me by my step mom, Barbara, who is also a loyal BWSilver customer. I'm always looking for new ways to get my jewelry out there, so if you have any suggestions or websites or even people who might be interested, please let me know!

I am getting my profile and shop ready to launch soon! Hopefully it will help bring more BWSilver lovers to my door...

Soon To Come

I am leaving tomorrow morning and should be back in my studio by Sunday evening. I have plenty of custom orders I need to work on as well I have post poned until I could return. Don't think I forgot about you!! I will be notifying you as soon as I return...

NEW EARRINGS! Not posted yet, but soon to come...

Turquoise Magnasite Dangles

Turquoise Magnasite

Natural Turquoise Stone

Hammered Silver Dangles

Bronze & Silver Drops

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here are some not yet posted items from the new beaded collection. I am headed back no NC from TX in a few days, and I will be able to post these items to my Etsy shop with more details about the stones and lengths...

New Blogger On Board

Hello! I started up this blog site for info and updates about my handmade jewelry, new ventures and family. I have a Facebook & Myspace account for my jewelry, but I wanted to be more open to followers who are interested in custom work and one of a kind pieces without having to be a member of those sites. On here I will post anything and everything about what in going on with my jewelry, specials, new items, showcases and more. Please feel free to contact me about any custom work, or general questions regarding the info I post.

A quick blurb about What I Do:

I have a BS in Apparel Design & Manufacturing with a minor in Art, Jewelry Making & Metalsmithing from Texas Tech University. All items are hand forged in my studio from raw Argentium Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver metals. I use authentic stones, beads and findings for all my designs. Each piece is one of a kind, but multiples and custom sizes can be made upon request. With BWSilver, are always getting a unique product with heirloom quality!

I have done custom work for clients in many different countries and sell some of my work in the JOOLZ handmade gallery in Canandaigua, NY. The owner, Francie, is the Aunt of our friend Ted who is in the Marine Corps with my husband. Check out her website and blog for more info about her store and handmade jewelry artists.

I like for my customers to have exactly what they want! If you have some ideas or loose stones of your own, send them over and I can construct a custom piece of jewelry with your own beads, findings or stones. Made especially for you, designed by you! Makes excellent gifts for those jewelry lovers in your life. Or shop my one of a kind pret-a-porte items on Etsy.

Happy Shopping~