Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Treasures & Antique-ary

As posted previously, I found some most excellent findings from the Round Top Antique Fair just last week. The deals were plentiful, and the items were awesome! I have a few items not in photos as I couldn't bring all of it back with me on the plane {darn!} but, I have many things to decorate with and start new designs...I smell a project...

Large foreign tokens...I'm thinking a bracelet with these?!
Various Military buttons...I'm considering a charm style bracelet with all of these attached...
Antique German pillow sham hand embroidered: "Homeland Bells Ring Out In The Green Valley"
Porcelain glove mold and Latex glove molds for necklace displays
Also, a WWII locket with an eagle crest and mother of pearl
Barbara found this $10 shelf and I couldn't resist...great for displaying!
Also, a few Plinth blocks I picked up for home decor
Antique Tea Towels, and they happened to have my initials! It was a must have!

My mannequin torso lady, all she needs is a fresh paint job and some necklaces!
The coveted boots I so longed for! After many days of questing!
{Left} 1960's handmade custom boots
{Right} Snakeskin & leather...$20 steal!!

A mesh of beads from a bead dealer - FW Pearl, Pink Coral, Turquoise, Quartz & more...

As you can see...I have a few projects up my sleeve and some neat items to get my house looking Antique-y and rustic. Visit my Dad & Barbara's blog about their findings and Round Top experience at JunkyardRabbits

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