Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Round Top, Warrenton...and More-nton

A Texas trip fit for the antiquey-est of antiquers and the crafty-est of crafters! If you've never been to the bi-annual Antique Fair of Fairs...you must go! It's known as "Round Top" after the city it originated in, and has spread across the hill country of central Texas...in the middle of Austin-Dallas-Houston triangle. Vendors and dealers of all ages form all over the country (and globe) bring all their findings, art, junk, antiques, collectibles, and more to the Texas countryside for a 10 day long show of just about anything you can imagine! Literally!

Workin the Warrenton Fields
Creepy dolls heads...seriously you never know what you'll see
Deer Bottle Tree...$85, don't you need one of these?
Enjoying someones attempt to attract people into their booth...too bad we just used them for their "head cut-out" for a photo op!

I went with my Dad and Barbara, and luckily they have a house nearby in New Ulm, TX, so it was only a 20 minute ride to get our daily fix of milling through other people's stuff....and "dead" people's stuff too. We found some great deals, and some not so much...like way overpriced furniture, boots, jars, collectibles...but then there were DEFINITELY deals to be had. We learned who would cut you a deal based on their booth, their looks, and their age...it was kind of tricky, but we managed to get some great prices and met some interesting folks.

Dad's place in New Ulm, TX

Some Random Stuff...

Boot Quest!

We mainly were in Warrenton, TX which is about 3 miles or less form the main Round Top, then hit other small towns too like Marburger, Carmine, Fayetville and La Bahia, TX. Needless to say we shopped ourselves to death, and spent a good chunk of change. I found some pretty cool findings for home decor, beads for jewelry making, and and mannequin torso for jewelry display! Plus, after many days of questing for the perfect boots, I finally found the most excellent pair! Vintage 1960's custom hand made boots! And then later on, found another pair...for a deal I couldn't refuse...$20! It was the steal-deal of the century!...for snakeskin & leather boots!

I recommend going to the Spring 2010 show. (it's usually around end of March - early April) For tons of info about the shows, dealers, maps, places to stay, food, and fun, go to http://www.antiqueweekend.com/indexmain.html to get all the deets! Don't miss out! I will definitely be going back again!

**A post of my found items will follow....it gets crowded when I put too many pics on one blog posting!**

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