Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hearts On Hands

Lovely lovers, darling dearests and precious people! They all have one thing in! A symbol of love best used, a heart. These custom Sterling Silver pieces were made for past customers, all with the same theme.
Someone wants to show how you are loved with a timeless reminder, what better way to have it custom made!
First heart design bracelet I ever made. Custom request by a friend who wanted to give his 7 year old daughter a heart bracelet for Valentine's Day...he ordered another one a week later for her little sister:
This cuff bracelet was made for a daughter from her loving father for her 28th Birthday:
These pieces were all made for the same person, (given over a few years) and worn as a set from a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend:

These heart related items are available for purchase right now on my website: (All under $65 + FREE shipping!)
The hearts you wear each day, sends a lover's wish your way - Anonymous

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