Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New York Here I Come!

Headed to NYC tomorrow morning with one of my friends to visit a fellow Marine wife/fiancee (they aren't married quite yet) whom lives in Manhattan! We are looking forward to the trip and I'm hoping to see some cool inspirational jewelry as well as a few celebs! ;)

I know I have been running around a lot, but it helps the time fly counting down the days until James is home! (2.5 months!) Hopefully I'll hear form him soon, it's been over a week. Our agenda will bring us to many historic sites as well as some local New Yorker places that aren't so touristy. It helps having a friend who knows the ropes...

When I went in 2003 we were pressed for time and didn't get to see everything NY had to offer, especially since the Statue of Liberty was closed after 9/11. But now, I'm SO going to see Lady Liberty! I've always wanted to know what she hides under her robe!
Pettin' the Pigeons, NYC, 2003

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