Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York, New York!

Had a great time in NYC with Danielle & Claire for Labor Day weekend! Beautiful weather, excellent food and marvelous times! I was hoping for some celebrities but no such luck, I did see tons of models though, that are WAY to thin! Yikes! But it's all in "the Glamour" of the NY lifestyle I suppose. Had plenty of burgers, "dirty dogs", street pretzels and pizza to last me a lifetime, but it was all so good. We even ate at a Texas BBQ place smack in the midst of Manhattan...brisket was de-lish!

I finally got to go to Top Shop which is a London based clothing store similar to H&M, but really edgy London style and amazingly HUGE jewelry, very different, very cool. I loved it! I got an awesome Teal leather satchel purse there (as a b-day gift from James, Thanks! ;-) And I fell in love with it! Danielle got one too in black, so now we are satchel twins! It's all in a days work...Oh, the Fab-u-losity!

Lady Liberty herself, makes me proud to be an American

The gals in Central Park
Smoochin' one on Hugh Jackman!
Beautiful ladies with the beautiful crowns!

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