Friday, August 28, 2009

More Than Just A Bracelet

Just a quick story about these bracelets I created for a customer in Paris...I have posted pics of them before, but here is their story:

She came to me asking if I could attach a pink and white pearl to the insides of these sterling square bangles I had on my Etsy website. She sent me the pearls she had and was specific about the attachment. Minimalistic and simple so the pearls could show through the other side when worn. But in good taste and with good reason.

These bangle sets are a gift. They hold the meaning of her (pink pearl) and her fiancee (white pearl) whom she is marring soon. One set will be hers, and the other goes to her matron of honor, who is also her Godmother. To top it off, her Godfather is the priest that is marrying them on their wedding day! Neat!

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