Monday, August 3, 2009

Support Your Troop!

I made this Sterling medallion style pendant in honor of my husband who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. I recently bought my first hand tool alphabet (& numbers!) to play around with, so I decided to make this pendant to show support for my Marine. It's a lot smaller and dainty-er to wear rather than a large dog tag...more like a kitty tag. I'm posting this on my Etsy as a customizable item for you to display support for your service member!
Branch, Last Name, First & Middle initial are usually the standard for dog tags, as shown, but it can be made to your specifications. I'd suggest keeping the last names 9 letters or gets a little crowded otherwise. Placement of the name/branch is also optional, I chose this because of the shorter last name, longer names would need to wrap across the bottom...
Wear it with other pendants, charms or alone, you could even attach it to your key chain! Whatever your use, it keeps your troop close to your heart. A supportive remembrance while they are away, or just to support them each day. Also a thoughtful gift for a wife, mother, or even retired or deceased military members. Makes a perfect sentimental reminder of the ones you love that give all they can for your freedom.
3/4" x 3/4" round

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