Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How To Have A Biker-Chic Wedding

Custom made for some friends of ours who are trying the knot over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Shes a Marine, he's a former Marine and they are totally in love with their Harley's!  This biker couple is have been a great support to my jewelry making, so when it came time for wedding gifting (for one another) they each turned to me privately to make a special personalized gift.

Steampunk Style Biker Cufflinks for him...
(Made with watch gears)

As for the Bride, her man had me make a charm bracelet about a year ago, and since then I have been the only one making charms to go on that bracelet. Pretty cool idea, and very personalized each year.
This year he wanted to commemorate the charm referencing a House to symbolize their marriage, being together finally after her long deployment and finally having their own place. 

House Charm (Oxidized Sterling)

Charm Bracelet it will be attached to...


  1. i had not seen cufflinks with little gears before, what a cool idea for a biker dude :)