Tuesday, May 18, 2010

John, James & H.Stern

This month's Blog Carnival topic: Show me your all time favorite piece of art and why you find it inspiring?
As hosted by the lovely Sweet Sally Soaps!

So I don't exactly have a single most favorite artist. Yes, I'm one of those people who cant commit to ONE. But I do love a few, and I chose to focus of Jewelry Artists that I most favor, as it is I have many other artist I love, so I figure since I am a jeweler by craft, these people are heavy on the creative spark in my mind. Each artist has a different flavor to savor, their creativity runs wild and their styles are varied with each collection. I like that.

H.Stern has a funky and edgy style which can't be missed. His pieces are wild, and push the bounds of "just jewelry" into wearable art. His style is eccentric, but he also has some simplistic pieces for the un-bold. I love that he pushes the limits of what you can wear and what you can't. It is amazing to see such structured craftsmanship and sculptural designs. A true artist turns jeweler. It's a wonderful thing. His works are muy expensive though! So don't expect to see these pieces just anywhere. Neiman's carries them, and of course his website. The price point is definitely designer, so get your store credit cards ready!

Nazareth Ring, 14k Gold, $2,000

Celtic Cuff, $1,800

Another favorite, and Texas native artist, is James Avery. His work is timeless, simplistic and has impeccable craftsmanship. He originally started off handmaking silver crosses in his garage in Kerville, TX, and the last 50 years his company has blossomed. If you ask anyone is Texas if they've heard of James Avery, they will say YES! I love mostly that his designs are clean, unique and intuitive. He has pieces for all occasions at all price points. The handcrafter of handcrafters, and someone I definitely am inspired by. I've grown up with many pieces of his, charm bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. He also makes key chains! All his metals are mainly Silver & Gold, but he uses bronze and brass too. Each piece comes impeccably shined and is available is either silver or 14k gold. This jewelry will truly last a lifetime, and carry many fond memories.

Spanish Tracery Ring, Sterling Silver, $79

Savannah Crescent Earrings, Silver & 14k gold, $249
Of course I cannot forget about John Hardy and his detailed, detailed, detailings in his work. A master at his craft, with the most intricate and complex designs. His eye for design is phenomenal! His work is so detailed and so expensive, but you get what you pay for, and it's definitely a lasting wearable piece. The designs are unique, yet they are really something you could wear for years and stay in style. The complexity of his work is astounding and when it meets the eye, you can't help but stare at is for a while to notice each detail. I personally don't own a true John Hardy, but I have a few imitations. You can also find his work at Neiman's in a very designer price point, but is work and wearable artistry will last for years. It's a timeless investment.

Double Coil Ring, $395

Dragon Bracelet, $1295

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