Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Needing A Stylish Medical Alert Bracelet...STAT!

I recently made a specialized Medical Alert bracelet for a customer who wanted "something different" than your everyday plain-jane Medic bracelets they have out there.  This one has been customized with a hand cut and stamped Sterling Silver wrist plate featuring the "Alert" symbol and a Caduceus in Copper.  Wire wrapping details with sterling silver and a cute little Bee charm attached (not my own, sent to me by the customer) for extra flair! 

This easy-to-clasp hook-on squeeze bracelet makes it fast to throw on and go.  The back side (not shown for privacy) is the customers name and an emergency contact (ICE) name and phone number if found ill and needing assistance. 

A lot of people who probably need a medical alert bracelet don't have one or don't wear it.  I feel it might be because of the trite designs they have these days, so bulky or blah looking, but this is a fashionable and functional twist on a very important piece of jewelry that could save your life!!! 

 I asked the customer to give me a little background story I can share with you blog readers to understand what the reasoning is behind this particular Medic bracelet, and if you needed one made, what you would need to put on yours:

"I have been allergic to bee stings since I was little. I was stung when I was about 8 and my Dad had to rush me to the emergency room because I had a reaction. So I avoid them at all costs...except on bracelets :o)

The Iron (Fe) IV reaction came about because... At the same time they diagnosed my Crohn's disease, they discovered that I was Anemic. So the doctors suggested Iron Infusions that are injected straight into your veins since the Anemia was causing me to be so tired all the time. One of the infrequent side effects of Iron IV is a severe allergic reaction called Anaphylaxis. Well of course I fell into the 1% category of people that have the Anaphylactic reaction!!

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you're allergic to, such as the venom from a bee sting or a peanut.

Almost dying can change your outlook on things greatly. So no more of those Fe IV injections for me! I'll live with being tired all the time!

It requires an immediate trip to the emergency room and an injection of epinephrine (EpiPen) and if it isn't treated right away, it can lead to unconsciousness or even death! (Yikes!)  The EpiPen was prescribed for me after the Iron IV reaction to carry with me at all times. 

 Never leave home without it, and I won't without my bracelet either!"

If you or anyone you know might be needing a stylish and personalized approach to a very important piece of jewelry like the one shown, please contact me and I'd be happy to make a custom one to your specifications! You can even include your blood type to ensure a fast and easy recovery!

It is very important to have one if:

You are a Diabetic
Have an Allergy to a Food, Medications or Insects
Child Health Issues
Rare Medical Conditions
Heart Conditions
Medical Allergies for Emergency Treatment Purposes 

....Just something to think about!
Better to be safe than sorry!....


  1. Stylish bracelet looks good.

    I agree if You are a Diabetic
    Have an Allergy to a Food, Medications or Insects
    Child Health Issues, Rare Medical Conditions
    Heart Conditions, Medical Allergies for Emergency Treatment Purposes you should wear medical id bracelet.

    You may also get your medical alert ID bracelet engraved with your most important medical information. Keep it simple yet effective in case of an emergency.

  2. I love! This bracelet,and as an aging old"ish"hippie,it suits my style. Please send me more info. I don't have a computer only a Droid Smart phone,so i am unable to print anything. Thanks! My Best Barbara A Kiritschenko.b.kiritschenko@gmail.com/cell 651 367 6592/home 651 455 1074/address 636 3rd Ave, So, So St Paul,Mn 55075

  3. From.:Barbara A Kiritschenko. I negleted to add my "ailments" I have Heart disease and Angina, I use nitroglyerin. I also have some alleregy related asthma which I use 2 inhalers. In addition to these things I have advanced ostero/arithitis.(I'm a mess...!) Please get back to me as soon as possible! With cost etc. Thanks so much! I had a charm style bracelet which I recently broke,I snagged it on something.Your bracelet is much more durable and quite fashionable.I looks stylish and I'm sure it will last me for the rest of my life,although my other charm style did last for 22 years (with a few soldering...it was gold.) But kind of delicate! I'm 64 and soon to be (the dreaded...65! I am also requesting a 20% discount if possible. As you may have guessed I am disabled and on SS. THANKS Again! Your new gracefully old"ish" hippie! B.A.K.

  4. My girlfriend is a HUGE french bee fan and I know she would LOVE this bracelet for her birthday in August. She is allergic to penicillin but would it be possible to design this bracelet WITH a bee charm even if it is for a penicillin allergy? Please email me back and let me know! I am not sure where I could get a bee charm like this, if you are able to get one that would be great! My email address is iflyme2@gmail.com Thanks

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  6. Do you still make these bracelets? could you make a dog tag style ? These are absolutely adoreable ! My doctor is always on me for not wearing one - I have Addison's Disease (also known as Adrenal Insufficiency ) and it makes me steroid dependent, and pretty unpredictible as far as my health goes.(soulmange@gmail.com ) include price please .

  7. Hello...are you still making these bracelets? I would be interested in one. Please contact me at jollyjulsz@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  8. Hello...are you still making these bracelets? I would be interested in one. Please contact me at jollyjulsz@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  9. Hi Brittany, are you still making these bracelets? Please contact me at amthyst212@aol.com. Thanks!! :)

  10. Hi are you still making these?? Elleyrose31@gmail.com