Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...and hopefully stays

It's getting warmer and I couldn't be happier about it!  Though we're had out reverts back to cold weather, it's mainly a sun shiny warmpth these days.  The puppies are enjoying the warmer weather, especially since I'm a lot more willing to do things outside with them.  I dispise cold weather, no thanks!

Ruxy boy and Scha-Scha girl are sittin' pretty on a warm day in the sun.  These cozy pups love to play outside and make a mess.  I'm thinking it's getting close to time for a summer haircut for my poor black doggies.

Working on new things (I promise!) now that the warmer weather has the garage a lot more toasty to work in.  I'm sending a load of new things to NY at the Joolz Gallery in Canandaigua.  Hopefully some traveling summer New Yorkers will stop in to their new location in down town Canandaigua and browse the new duds she's carrying for spring/summer!

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