Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter, Ribs & Beer...

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"Easter is April 4, what family traditions do you do for Easter?"
It's actually very simple, we eat, drink and are merry for the celebration of Easter! Although this year James and I are in NC so we didn't get to celebrate accordingly with friends and family. But I've included photos from Easter 2007 in San Antonio, TX. I was still in college then, our nephew was just a little 4 month old, and we have since added a few more family members, but it was a fun time and great memories. Nothing like celebrating the rising again of Christ like meat and beer! (We actually go to church first now)

My sister- in-law Melissa and brother-in-law Patrick (my husbands' twin) and his young son Ayden.

James in the kitchen with his Mom, Pam. Looks like some food prep is happening...

Me and our baby girl Schatz...I don't think she likes being held...

My husband James was always the designated "smoker" making sure the ribs and brisket have the proper treatment for maximum tastiness! Their step dad Fran buys butt loads of beer, food, and more food for us to eat. When you have 5 kids home from college for the weekend, things get eaten to say the they bring their friends over, so it's usually a mad should be there for Christmas or Thanksgiving!

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